Message from our Founder & CEO


Dear friends,

When I was twelve years old, while I was out grooming my horse Princess the Lord impressed upon me to one day start a ministry for hurting children.  Today, Hope Remains Ranch is much more than I could have ever imagined it would be as a twelve-year-old little girl.  Hope Remains goal is to provide a place where children and adults can turn their weaknesses into strengths, Hebrews 11:34; turn their sorrows into joy and turn their lives from pain or crime to Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to see hope restored and hurting hearts healed, using four legged angels (horses) and to provide hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.


When I taught school, I witnessed the results of struggling families, abuse, neglect, gang related activities, and drug induced environments. I heard children and teens cry out for help by such actions as an attempt of suicide; crime and gang related activities; and getting kicked out or dropping out of school. As the world of politics, education, entertainment and other parts of the world spirals more off track, we have two choices: condemn it or influence it! We need to become LIGHT to those that are hurting! We must offer hope. Proverbs 13:12 says, “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy.”


Hope Remains logo is symbolic of the crown Jesus wore – a crown of thorns covered in blood, Jesus’s blood. Such a symbol of Christ’s love and hope for us can be found in the words of the song by Avalon, “Where Joy and Sorrow Meet.”


Do you know of someone who is hurting? If so, contact Hope Remains. Pray about how you can help meet the needs of those that Hope Remains serves.


Thank you for your interest and love for hurting children, their families and adults. May the Lord bless you!


In His Palm,

Melanie Watt

Founder & CEO