At Hope Remains Ranch, each of our horses come from different backgrounds but each serve HRR just as faithfully as the staff and volunteers!

Silver came from an Autistic children’s ranch in Simpsonville. He is the oldest and smallest horse at the ranch. He has a great personality and thinks he can sit in your lap like a dog. He follows people around too when you visit him in the pasture. He also LOVES peppermints!

Breed: Appaloosa
Born: 1987
Height: 14 hh.

Bubba came from a beautiful farm in Gaffney. Bubba is a very curious horse. He greets you when you come into his pasture and loves to play! Bubba and Rocket (right) pulled the wagon at Hope Remains Ranch until they retired from that job in 2022. They continue to be excellent ministry horses in counseling sessions.

Breed: Haflinger
Born: 2006
Height: 15 hh.

Rocket came from the same farm as Bubba. Both horses were used as a show horses, plow horses and cart pulling horses before they arrived at Hope Remains. Rocket is gentle and reserved. He really enjoys pets and attention but waits for you to approach him.

Breed: Haflinger
Born:  2003
Height: 15 hh.

Oreo came to Hope Remains Ranch in March, 2023. He is a loving and curious horse. Before he came to Hope Remains, he served as a beginner horse for a little girl who was learning to ride.

Breed: Paint
Born: 2009
Height: 14 hh.

Shadow came to Hope Remains in March 2023 as well. He loves attention and comes running when you whistle for him. Shadow was a family pet for 27 years before he arrived here. His best friend from his previous farm was a one-horned goat.

Breed: Morgan & Quarter Horse
Born: 1996
Height: 15 hh.

Smartie is sorrel in color. He loves carrots and trail rides. Smartie is the herd leader/protector in the pasture. He does not like it when his pasture mate is taken away from him. Smartie is a very patient teacher for handling and riding and was used to several years to teach beginners in both areas.

Breed: Registered Quarter Horse
Born: 2004
Height: 14.8 hh.

Tucker is a very handsome Palamino and loves attention. Tucker is not the herd leader in his pasture but doesn’t back down either. He and Smartie are pasture mates, and he makes Smartie earn his herd leader status continually. Tucker holds a calm and confident poise in session.

Breed: Registered Quarter Horse
Born: 2007
Height: 15.2 hh.

Zacchaeus and Zoe both came from a mission team from Marion SC. This mission team came to work at Hope Remains in 2013 and fell in love with the ranch and made the donation to us to use for our mobile unit and with our children. (Zacchaeus left, Zoe right)

Breed: Miniature
Born: 2012
Height: Zoe 30in, Zacchaeus 28in

Fancy and Beauty came from a farm in Green Creek, N.C.  Fancy was a show horse, and Beauty was a rescue horse. Beauty was beaten and almost starved to death. Beauty had one little baby girl, and her previous owner almost killed them both. The authorities were called, and she was rescued. Beauty has a wonderful story to tell. (Fancy left, Beauty right)

Breed: Miniature
Born: Beauty – 2002, Fancy – 1999
Height: Beauty 30in, Fancy 28in

Danny and Lola recently came from the same farm as Fancy and Beauty. Lola, the smallest of the minis, is the daughter to Fancy. Both Danny and Lola are fitting in well with the rest of the herd, and we are grateful to have them! (Lola left, Danny right)

Breed: Miniature
Born: Lola – 2006, Danny – 2008

Soot and Haystax (a.k.a Stax) are our barn cats. We got them as kittens, and it has been wonderful to watch them grow! All of our staff, volunteers, and kids absolutely love them! (Soot bottom, Stax top)

In Loving Memory…

Below, we remember our beloved 4-legged staff who have finished their work here and have gone ahead of us to heaven.

Red (1994-2023) was an American Quarter Horse. He came from an Autistic children’s ranch in Simpsonville. We were blessed to work with Red for 16 years. He only had one eye. He lost his eye in a snowstorm when a tree branch broke off and hit him in the eye.  Red was dearly loved by all who knew him. His personality and presence are greatly missed here at the ranch.

Traveler (2004-2023) was a beautiful Rocky Mountain Saddle Horse. He was chocolate in color with a flowing flaxen mane and tail. He stood 15 hands and was a gentle and spunky horse. He was much loved by staff and clients at the ranch.

John Dudley (JD) (1999-2024) was a sorrel Tennessee Walking Horse with a light mane and tail. JD provided comfort to many hurting children and adults with his calming presence and sweet spirit. He was particularly helpful for people dealing with grief and had a special way of understanding what people needed. JD was a special horse and is greatly missed.

Molly (left) & Hannah (right) were our beloved ranch dogs. We were blessed to adopt them after they retired from breeding puppies at a local farm. Hannah and Molly both were loyal and loving dogs. We loved them dearly.