Youth, families and adults can experience spiritual, behavioral and emotional growth through God’s Word utilizing equine ministry activities at Hope Remains Ranch.

Our group programs offer one on one mentoring, family resources, Bible study, and Biblically based equine ministry activities in a nonjudgmental and accepting environment.


A Biblically based one on one mentoring program that serves youth ages 5 through 17.

WHEN: Fall and Spring

TIME FRAME: Mondays 4 – 5:30 pm

COST: Free to the community



Stable Care program is a free Biblically based support group for all parents and/or guardians.

We desire to help the entire family by offering the training and tools they need to provide a safe, healthy and thriving home life.

This program is Biblically based and allows for group discussion. Each topic discussed offers parents strategies and methods in handling issues such as depression, abuse, defiant behaviors, suicidal thoughts, reactive attachment disorder and more.

Private sessions are available to parents and guardians as requested.

WHEN: Fall and Spring

TIME FRAME: Mondays, 4 – 5:30 pm

COST: Free to the community

CONTACT US: 864-249-3532 or



Group Equine Assisted Sessions at Hope Remains Ranch offer a unique opportunity to experience equine assisted ministry activities with other individuals at a fraction of the cost of individual counseling. Participating in group activities at the ranch can result in numerous benefits, including improving interpersonal relationships and resolving the concerns that led to seeking group ministry activities. Working toward these benefits, however, requires active involvement, honesty and openness.

Each session is mediated by at least two (2) certified professionals, and involves horse interaction. Group sessions occur in an outdoor environment in which horses are free to roam.

WHEN: Groups Form Year-Round

TIME FRAME: 1-hour Sessions

COST: Prices Vary

CONTACT US: 864-249-3532 or


Workhorse Academy is an equine educational experiential program.

Schools are served at the ranch. The ranch experience involves partnering with school districts that provides students with a high impact educational and behavioral learning lab.

WHEN: We follow the school calendar

COST: Contact us to discuss options