Healing Hooves

 Private therapy program

When:  One hour sessions available by appointment

Serves:  Youth, couples, families, and adults

Cost:  Prices Vary

Includes:  Equine therapy, talk therapy, and creative therapeutic activities

Focus:  Trauma resolution; Marriage & family counseling; Behavioral diagnosis: ADHD, ADD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Anxiety; Depression; Addiction; Resilience training

Model Utilized: EAGALA – certified professionals

Horse Business

 Team-building workshops designed for businesses, non-profits, churches and other organizations in the community

When:  Sessions available by appointment

Serves:  Management and/or personnel of all levels

Cost:  Multiple packages available

Includes:  Group equine therapy, team building activities

Focus:  Team building exercises, increasing morale, fostering positive communication, leadership development, conflict resolution

Model Utilized: EAGALA – certified professionals

Horse Back Riding Lessons

Lesson Packages and Fees: All packages and individual lessons are based on an hourly rate which includes tacking up. Groups and semi-private lessons are available for beginners, novice and intermediate skill levels after evaluation lesson.

Various packages are available with savings ranging from $5.00 off per lesson to $25.00 depending on package.

All riders are required to wear a riding helmet and boots. (No tennis shoes or sandals.)