I was born in Ventura, a very small town in Iowa. And although we lived “in town” I spent most of my childhood down at the local stables, mucking out stalls and riding every horse I could throw a leg over, trained or not!! I rode the bucking horses for fun, but excelled at driving 2, 4, 6 and an occasionally an 8 horse team. In 1974, my family moved to Pinehills ,Florida. I stayed in Florida 40 years and for the better part of 20 years I worked a Walt Disney World where I drove trolley cars on “Main Street USA” , worked guiding trail rides, running pony rides, and drove carriages and hay rides in the evenings. It was my dream job!! It was during my time there that I accepted God’s gift of salvation and started living for Him.

In 2013 I was visiting my sister in South Carolina, and one Sunday at her church she introduced me to Wayne Orr, who is the Chaplin at Hope Remains Ranch, where she volunteers. With Wayne’s invitation we visited the ranch the very next day. There I met Melanie Watt, the founder of Hope Remains, and we struck up a great friendship. That was the 1st nudge from God that He needed me there, but I wasn’t ready to leave Florida just yet.

In 2015 I was in Tennessee with my family celebrating my Mom’s 80th birthday when she fell ill and God took her home to be with Him and again I felt Him calling me to move north! I went home to Florida, but I couldn’t rest. I would argue with Him that I had no way to get a house up there that could accommodate my dogs and horses, suddenly one came available that had 26 acres! He made it clear that He had work for me to do at Hope Remains. How could I argue with that?? So here I am working for Hope Remains Ranch, doing His work the best I can. The best part is that I get to drive the wagons and carriages and having a ball doing what I love for the Lord!! He has provided a huge farm house just over the S.C. /N.C. line where I live with 6 dogs (4 chihuahuas, and 2 labs) and 2 horses which I ride, drive, and camp with. God is Good.


What is a random fact about you?

I love to drive the in mountains and take daytrips. I love to see all the little places nestled off the beaten path.