Hope Remains ranch is seeking:

  • Junior volunteers ages 15-17
  • General volunteers ages 18 and above
  • Mentors ages 18 and above

Role descriptions:

Junior volunteers: general ranch chores: mucking stalls, pulling weeds, spreading mulch, etc.

General ranch volunteers: cutting grass, weed eating, taking care of the garden, etc.

Mentors*: specially trained adults that work directly with the children and parents served at Hope Remains. Mentors lead children on horses, teach them about horses and they mentor the children/families through difficult times.

*Horse experience preferred but not required. Hope Remains will train you how to work around horses.

Optional Areas of service:

  • The Mane Event (Mentoring Program) – Monday-Thursday 4:00-5:30pm (September-April)
  • Marvelous Mini’s (mobile unit) – Monday – Friday 8:00am – noon. (September-May)
  • Special Events – Assist with organizing fundraisers, participating in community service work days at the ranch, 5K race, annual golf tournament, clay shoot, banquet, and other events held throughout the year. (Hours depend on each event).
  • Builders/Handy Persons – Use your special talents to rebuild fences, paint, do yard work, and miscellaneous maintenance. (Flexible hours and days)
  • Office – Assist with filing, data entry, mailings, photocopying, phone calls, research, and other miscellaneous tasks. (Flexible hours Monday-Friday)

Commitment (Mentors/Volunteers): A minimum commitment of one afternoon (1.5 hours) is required. Mentors and volunteers must also attend a training session prior to starting their role at the ranch.

Ranch work apparel – Due to the nature of the guests/clients we serve at Hope Remains, as well as, for safety, legal and professional purposes, please follow these guidelines: (1) Shoes – closed toe/closed heel shoes are required for all mentors and volunteers. Example: boots, sturdy work shoes or tennis shoes. Avoid high heel shoes/boots, (2) Shorts – knee length and not tight, (3) Jewelry –avoid dangling jewelry or excessive piercing (safety issues), (4) Hair color – hair should be natural in nature; avoid dyed colors such as: blue, purple, red, pink, orange, etc., (5) Blue jeans – should be neat and professional. Avoid holes, large pockets, and splits, (6) Dress appropriate for weather conditions. Avoid clothes that restrict movement or are baggy. Baggy clothes can get caught in equipment and are a safety issue, (7) Turn cell phones on silent. Your focus should be on those you are serving and/or the activities you are involved in at the ranch.

Attendance – Once you sign up to participate as a mentor, junior volunteer or general volunteer, you are committed to attend sessions for a term of no less than 3 months. Please notify the Volunteer Coordinator if you are unable to work your scheduled day and time, this allows us time to find a substitute. Those we serve at Hope Remains depend on you! Please remember to record all your hours in the log book provided for you at the ranch. Your time is very valuable to us.

How to get started:

Complete our Mentor/Volunteer Application. Once you’ve completed it, our volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you to schedule an appointment to come for an interview. Please call (864-249-3532) or email (info@hoperemains.org) for more information about our organization and opportunities available where you can serve.

Mentor Training – required for all new mentors interested in working in the program with horses and students. Consists of a “classroom” style presentation and discussion, as well as hands-on learning.

Each mentor and volunteer is vital for the ongoing success of Hope Remains Ranch and the ultimate goal of partnering with our equine friends to provide an environment that enhances the quality of life for those we serve, by providing challenges, promoting independence and celebrating success. The mentors/volunteers that we celebrate on this page are shining examples of those who continue to give of themselves on behalf of Hope Remains and its programs.


We thank each and every mentor and volunteer who dedicates their time, talent and passion to this organization.