Group Equine Assisted Sessions at Hope Remains Ranch offer a unique opportunity to experience equine assisted therapeutic activities with other individuals at a fraction of the cost of individual therapy. Participating in group activities at the ranch can result in numerous benefits, including improving interpersonal relationships and resolving the concerns that led to seeking group counseling. Working toward these benefits, however, requires active involvement, honesty and openness.

Each session is mediated by at least two (2) certified professionals, and involves horse interaction. Group sessions occur in an outdoor environment in which horses are free to roam

throughout the session. In-session activities vary according to group needs and dynamics. The first session begins with an orientation and tour to allow group members a chance to become familiar and comfortable at the ranch and with the other group members.

Group size ranges from 4 – 8 participants.

Individuals participating in the Group must be willing participants, and commit to consistently attend group sessions.

Hope Remains Ranch reserves the right to deny group membership to any individual if deemed participation would be unsafe or inappropriate for that person or the group.

Biweekly Equine Assisted Group Sessions

  • Length: Eight (8), 60-minute sessions
  • Cost: $480
  • Ages: 12 – 17
  • Members: Placed in groups with others who are of similar ages and needs
  • The subject matter depends on the need of participants

The full payment is due at registration.  All payments for group sessions are nonrefundable.

No refunds will be issued due to absences.