Little did I know that the promptings in my heart since I was a little girl were from the Lord and would lead me on a wonderful journey very different from what I could see ahead with my own eyes and imagination! The first prompting I can remember was toward horses, which has developed into a deep love and respect for them throughout my life! I also found myself drawn to anyone who seemed to have some inner struggle. Over the years God has presented many opportunities to share about His amazing power and His unconditional love with those I meet! Also at an early age, I discovered my love for teaching and pursued a degree in Elementary Education from Worcester State University in Massachusetts with a concentration in teaching children with various cognitive and behavioral challenges. After a few years in the public school system (and the birth of our first son) and through a series of tragedies that last year, my broken heart reached for God’s healing power and my need for His Lordship to guide my life. The result was a totally new direction and a call on my life to teach our children at home.

During those 21 years (and counting) of home educating our 4 children, I was blessed to revisit my love of horses and started working with several trainers and riding instructors learning in many different areas! The Lord surprised me when I turned 35 years old with the privilege of owning my first horse! I then learned a new skill from our farrier ~ trimming hooves! By then, all our children had been born and loved horses too. We acquired a second horse a couple years later. I had learned to ride and train horses for lessons and earned my instructor’s license, teaching lessons for several years. I also learned to train riders for local and regional showing, gave mounted drill team instruction, assisted with summer horse camp for years, and even learned some basic dressage elements.

God pulled on my heart again in 2013 but this time it was to travel alone on a mission trip! After a great deal of research the Lord sent me to Hope Remains Ranch in South Carolina to spend a week. The Lord was starting a work in me and in my life to combine my love and experience with horses, my pull towards those with struggles, and my commitment to serve Him however He asked, in another surprising direction…. He was calling me to go “down south!” I joked with family and friends that since I had lived in New England for 45 years, those roots probably went right down to China but if anyone could pull them up the Lord could! And He did!

The following year, and after much prayer, my sweet husband and I moved to South Carolina with our 4 children (2 of which are grown now). The Lord opened up a new area of service for me with a part-time position at Hope Remains Ranch. Along with helping in whatever way is needed at the ranch, I am one of the Equine Specialists for some of the equine psychotherapy sessions and I work on the mobile unit too! I can honestly say that I never pictured myself where I am today, but I wouldn’t change a thing!! Serving God however He wants is my heart’s desire and being able to do that here at Hope Remains is such a blessing. All praise and glory to my Lord!

What is a random fact about you? I love learning new things and therefore I’ve had many neat experiences in my life. I have been an ice cream cake maker for DQ and Baskin Robbins, private tutor, portrait and wedding photographer, and professional nanny. I used to drive a tractor and a forklift. I know how to crochet, embroider, make dresses, and create stained glass items like jewelry boxes. I love baking (especially my own bread) and cooking from scratch. Also, I actually got to sing on the steps of our Capitol in a national competition with my high school choir and we came in third place in our division!

What do you do in your free time? I cherish time I can spend with my husband and kids…watching movies together or getting out and exploring with a new road trip adventure!

Who is your favorite horse at the ranch? Red! He’s overcome some big challenges and still moves with beauty and grace.