Hi, my name is Donna Williams – Wheatley
I married my childhood sweetheart, Donald, when I was 20. We had two sons, Michael and Brandon. My husband got sick with lung cancer. After two years of treatments, he passed away in July of 2004, just before our 25th wedding anniversary. I was a widow at 45. The love of my life was gone, but my faith in God never faltered. I didn’t understand why he left me here alone. I had always been a part of a team. I was alone, and did not like being without my husband. I started to drink heavily. After about a year, I started praying every day. My prayer was “Lord, I don’t know why you left me here. I will stay and do what you need me to do, but you will need to send me someone to love. Please send me someone to love.” Every day I prayed this prayer. God sent David. He was a childhood friend of Donald’s. At this point, we had known each other for 35 years. We even went to church together every Sunday. Neither of us knew that God heard my prayers and was about to answer them with David. Our first date was a hayride in October of 2005. David took me on my first trip to New York for the Thanksgiving weekend, and he proposed to me on top of the Rockefeller Center! We were married on November 1, 2006. I stopped drinking. We now had four boys, and five beautiful grandchildren between the two of us. It seems like we are compatible in every way, including our love for the Lord!
David had been helping at Hope Remains Ranch as they needed him. I wanted to volunteer at the ranch too, but could not because I was working full time as a CNA doing home hospice. In November, 2015, I received a call from DSS about our youngest granddaughter, Kelsey, who was three and a half at the time. I left work and went to get her. I had to quit my job so I could care for her and take her to get proper medical and dental care. We were determined that she would not go back to the conditions she came out of. So, David and I adopted Kelsey in January 2017.
When Kelsey started 4 year old kindergarten, I started volunteering at Hope Remains Ranch. Kelsey is now 6, and in first grade. Hope Remains hired me to work on the mobile unit, taking the miniature horses to the elementary schools to work with special needs children. I LOVE IT! I am able to work on the school schedule, which makes it perfect for all of us. Kelsey also loves Hope Remains Ranch. Her favorite horse is Silver. She goes to Camp Hope Remains every year, and loves it. We hope to instill in her to give back as much, if not more, than she has been given. I hope that Kelsey will join our work at Hope Remains Ranch when she is older. She has such a generous heart already. Kelsey loves to pray and talk to Jesus. She loves gospel music. She says it makes her heart feel good. We are members of Stable Life Worship Center. We all love it there. We strongly believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
I thank God every day for answering my prayers. David and Kelsey were both God-sends to me. Now I understand why God left me here. He put the three of us together. We all needed each other, and God knew we would be best together.
Most women can’t say they have been loved by one man. I can say that God blessed me with two of the best men this world has to offer. He has given me more than I could ever deserve. I am thankful. Thank you Lord for all Your answered and the unanswered prayers.