I was born and raised in Columbia, SC. By God’s grace, no joke , I was raised by parents who genuinely loved the Lord and sought to teach their kids to do the same. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was around 6-7 years old. Although, I did not fully understand what it meant for Him to be my Savior AND my Lord until I got to college. In college, I experienced a heavy season of anxiety & depression as a result of several different circumstances & relationships. I am thankful for this season because God used it to solidify my trust in Him as well as to remove things from my life that I had put in place of my relationship with Him.
Ironically, I did not grow up with horses but have always been drawn to them. In high school I read two books by Kim Meeder in which she tells story after story of how God used the horses they rescued to impact the lives of people who came to the ranch. I was so amazed! Ever since I have kept coming back to this dream of owning my own ranch and doing what Kim and her husband have had the privilege of doing. The problem was, I literally had NO CLUE how I was going to go from suburban kid with two years of horse back riding lessons to be involved in a ministry like theirs. Well the Lord has been working in His timing and allowed me to have some incredible opportunities over the last several years.
After graduating in 2015 from Columbia International University with my psychology degree, God took me to Greenville, SC. I lived and worked there for about 10 months before the door opened for me to be a wrangler on a ranch out in Estes Park, CO for 5 months. It was an incredible opportunity! I got to learn some training techniques as well as what it looks like to steward these incredible animals in a way the is honoring to the Lord. I also experienced for myself the incredible impact God can have on one’s life through one’s relationship with a horse! Two months after I left the ranch, the Lord took me overseas with a Christian organization for 11 months. I found out about Hope Remains through an alumni of the organization I went overseas with. I interviewed for a job shortly afterward and started working at Hope Remains in February of 2018. We live in a world that is hopeless without Jesus and I am grateful for the opportunity to join the staff and volunteers of Hope Remains in bringing the hope of Jesus into the lives of those who God brings to the ranch.